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    Add some curb-appeal!

    One of the biggest home improvement options is investing in outdoor landscaping (aka “Tree-Scaping” for those that want a larger impact). January and February happen to be great months to consider improving the look and value of your home.

    You have the idea; we make it come true!

    While some of us like to pull out our blueprints, research all types of flowers bushes and trees, and call all over the state to get pricing...but why do that when everything you need is right here? Just give Dean Thomas Tree Services a call today at (412) 422-8799.

  • Improvements to add a "wow" factor:
    • Estate to ornamental trees
    • Tree-scape assessment and planting
    • Tree preservation and maintenance plans

The top 3 things to consider:

  1. Amount of space to work with: Always consider the amount of space by doing a little research on the mature width and height of a tree.
  2. Color: Always consider the spring and fall color that trees provide.
  3. Seasons: Not all trees hold their leaves year long. Flower and shade trees drop their leaves while evergreens hold their vibrant needles throughout the winter months. Consider your yard when winter hits, will it be naked?

To get your yard ready for Spring and make your neighbors jealous give us a call!

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