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    Beautify your yard today, Plant some trees!

    At Dean Thomas Tree Services, we can help you pick the right tree to plant and in the right spot to plant it. We know this land like the back of our hand and can assist you in understanding what trees will work for your lawn.

    Benefits from having experts install your trees.

    Planting trees can help lower your energy costs by providing shade for buildings during the hot summer months. During our cold months, big and beautiful trees can also block winds from your home or business building. And a plus to the environment - trees add oxygen to the atmosphere and clean the air you breathe every day.

    Regardless of your tree needs, you will get the best service in the state, only from Dean Thomas Tree Services!

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  • You get the right tree for your property:
    • Choosing a tree
    • What type of tree
    • When to plant
    • Water, mulch and fertilizer
    • Staking and guy wiring
    • Wrapping and pruning

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