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Dean Thomas Tree Services Disaster Services

Has a natural disaster befallen you?

As a homeowner there is little you can do to be prepared, except to just wait and see what will come after the storm, right?


Hiring a tree expert that can advise you on tree care can help minimize some damage to your trees when disaster strikes.

From destructive storms to winter ice damage

You know that our seasonal thunderstorms and winter snowstorms can be a real nuisance. Dean Thomas Tree Services has over 36 years of experience in cleaning up after such storms.

Minimizing further risk to your property

From removing trees off residential houses to cleaning up entire cities, we offer the fastest, most efficient disaster relief services in the business. We offer 24-hour emergency service for those unexpected emergencies.

When disaster strikes, call the professionals at removing damaged trees - Dean Thomas Tree Services at (412) 422-8799.

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